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What is Son Moderno®?

Son Moderno® is a modernization of “traditional” Son through the structural integration of different dances that preceded it, along with the contribution of fresh trends, while keeping the roots intact. It is a new, sublime style created by international Cuban dancers Yunaisy Farray and Danger Rodríguez.

Son Moderno® is nothing more than a transformation of the Son without modification of its basic parameters as it keeps its roots intact.

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How was Son Moderno® born, what inspired it?


Yunaisy Farray and Danger Rodríguez, creators of Son Moderno®

Technical aspects of dances such as Bolero, Danzón, Contradanza, Danzonete, Tango, Mambo, Rumba, Cha-cha-cha all contributed to the evolution of this most elegant dance, Son Moderno®. This style gives dancers a new, fresh, elegant and innovative language of movement.

Nowadays approximately 80% of Cuban dance music is created to be danced off-beat. Many Cuban musical groups are using structures and concepts which come from Son and its derivations such as Songo, Changüí, Guaracha, all of which feature more and more prominently in contemporary Cuban Bolero-Son compositions.

Son Moderno® was born out of the need of the dancers to interpret this new musical form: it is a modern but at the same time traditional language, in which current music and the way of interpreting it through dance fit perfectly. Son Moderno® is nothing more than a transformation of Son without the modification of its basic parameters, since it keeps its roots intact.

Most importantly of all, Yunaisy Farray and Danger Rodríguez are reviving a sublime style that has influenced music and dance not only in Cuba but also around the world: Son.

Hungarian instructors


We are Barbara Vágási and Balázs Kutni, leaders of Club Cubano dance school. After 36 hours of intensive teacher training we are the first from Hungary to get permission to teach this style from the founders of Son Moderno®, Yunaisy Farray and Danger Rodríguez. We believe that this style will renew the cuban salsa scene by making it possible to master a "sensual" form of cuban dance in a structured way.

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